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Multi Sliding Patio Doors: The Hot New Exterior Trend

Multi-Sliding doors for patios are becoming a common trend in many homes as they feature panels that slide or stack into wall pockets to create wide openings and expand indoor spaces. Their slimmest slightness makes them aesthetically stunning and gives you uninterrupted views of your exterior space. Multi-sliding patio doors are a great way of allowing natural light into the home while adding an aesthetic appeal. With the sliding patio doors, you can soak up the beautiful views of your outdoors with ease. Read about multi-sliding patio doors and the hot new exterior door trend here.

The Types of Multi-Sliding Patio Doors

Choosing the type of sliding patio door for your home may be overwhelming if you're unfamiliar with the available options. The right frame for your patio door depends on your preferred style, needs, and budget. Here Pella Windows & Doors of DFW has highlighted the various types of patio doors available on the market.

  • Wood/Clad patio doors are highly customizable and bring warmth to any home. These are the most popular multi-slide patio door frames. Opt for wood patio doors for a classic look, or prefer maintaining the original architectural design details.
  • Vinyl multi-slide patio door is a standard option known for its versatility and energy efficiency. It has its share of benefits, such as affordability, moisture resistance, and excellent insulation. Some models have enhanced durability to provide exceptional everyday performance, while others give your home enhanced security and maximize energy efficiency.
  • Fiberglass sliding doors are strong and durable compared to wood and vinyl. Fiberglass patio doors are the best when it comes to performance. Such doors are coveted not just for their robust design but the trade-off in weight they offer as well.

Versatility of Multi-Slide Doors

The versatility of multi-slide doors is endless. You may be tempted to think they are only suitable for specific styles and finishes; however, they can blend easily with many styles.

They can be used for both traditional and modern homes. Multi-slide doors can be made of wood, steel, or fiberglass, depending on your needs. While some manufacturers may only offer their product in specific dimensions, Pella Windows & Doors can work with you on custom sizes if you find the set you're looking for, but it's unavailable in your size.

Durability Against the Elements

Multi-slide doors are very low maintenance, and their frame choice, mostly aluminum fiberglass and vinyl, is very durable. The toughened glass used to make these patio doors are strong and resistant to breaking. Multi-sliding patio doors are built using robust materials that can withstand extreme pressure. This offers a protective barrier against elements such as high-speed winds.

Furthermore, modern multi-sliding doors are energy efficient. The low E-glass options are designed to maximize energy efficiency. Patio doors with wood/clad frames offer plenty of insulation and reduce thermal transfer. Even in the most demanding climates, the glass doors prevent cold air from rushing into the home.

Add Multi-Slide Patio Doors to your Home with Trusted Experts!

The advantage of partnering with Pella Windows & Doors is that we can customize your patio door frames to fit your design choice. We offer a wide variety of multi-sliding patio doors to match your home design. Our multi-slide patio doors are robust, versatile, and energy efficient. If you are looking to install your patio doors, take a look at our selection at Pella Windows and Doors. For windows and doors in the DFW area, contact us today and book a free consultation with us.

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