What are Retractable Window Screens? (Roll Screens)

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What are Retractable Window Screens? (Roll Screens)

From annoying insects to outside dirt and the amount of natural light, window screens will give you a surprising amount of control over what comes in and out of your space. But what if you could have the benefits of window screens without making them a permanent home feature? Retractable window screens allow you to have the best of both worlds. They can be rolled down whenever needed and never get in the way when you don't need them.

At Pella Windows & Doors of DFW, we deliver innovative retractable window screens to homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our experts can help you find versatile roll screens that allow for more possibilities throughout your home. Here is everything you need to know about retractable screens and why you should consider installing them in your home.

How Do Retractable Windows Work?

Retractable window screens are designed to roll up into a protective casing when not in use. Therefore, homeowners can screen in or shade their patio, porch, or room whenever necessary. You can unroll the screen when your window is open or roll them out of sight when you're not using them.

Rollup patio screens can either be motorized or non-motorized. Motorized retractable window systems are equipped with a small motor that allows them to deploy with the touch of a button. Pella Windows & Doors offers models that can be controlled by a switch, your smartphone, or a hand-held remote.

Non-motorized screens are manually operated and glide along a track. They function manually and offer effortless pull-downs and retractions. The screen is secured in the track when in use and usually retracts out of sight so that you can enjoy fully unobstructed views and walkways. Additionally, manually operated roll-down patio screens don't require electricity, allowing more affordable options without compromising quality, fit, and finish.

Can I have Custom Size Retractable Screen Windows Made?

Whether you have small windows or massive outdoor patios, professionals at Pella Windows & Doors can make custom-size retractable screens to suit your needs. We offer top-notch retractable screens that will seamlessly fit into your windows, so they're hardly noticeable.

Our rollup patio screens are not only easy to operate and install but also brilliantly designed to give your rooms a cleaner and more polished look. By working with us, you'll have different styles and design options made to order to your exact size specifications.

Benefits of Having a Retractable Screen Windows in Your Home

Rolling window screens are an excellent way to get the most out of your windows. They help keep insects out while giving you more control over when to deploy them. Here are some additional benefits of installing roll-down patio screens our customers have reported:

  • Home views through windows are no longer obscured by traditional blinds
  • Roll-down patio screens are more durable. This is because they retract when not in use, protecting their fabric from dirt and harmful UV rays.
  • You won't be forced to remove the screens when you don't need them.

Installing roll-down patio screens creates a comfortable, stylish, and insect-free environment without compromising your view. They also allow more natural airflow and create an extra layer of protection from UV damage, dirt, and items that may cause damage.

Find the Best Fit for your Windows at Pella Windows & Doors of DFW

You are no longer forced to choose between a permanent window screen and not having one. Retractable window screens can enhance the look of your windows and add privacy and protection while giving you an unobstructed view. Window screens allow you to experience elegance and convenience without sacrificing functionality.

Built with high-quality materials and world-class designs, Pella Windows & Doors creates sleek, stylish window screens that can be customized to suit any home. We can help you find the perfect screens that will change how you envision your space. Contact us today to book a free consultation with our window experts.