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Do I need a Storm Door? Are they Necessary in Dallas?

Storm doors have been around for decades, often seen on the front or back entrances of homes throughout North Texas. But what is the purpose of a storm door, and do you need one? Let's look at the many benefits storm doors provide and why they're always a good idea for homes near Dallas, Fort Worth.

At Pella Windows & Doors, we'll help you select the right storm door for your home that adds protection and security for years.

What is a Storm Door?

A storm door is typically installed in front of a front door or back door to add a layer of protection against the elements. Most storm doors have a glass panel that can be removed and replaced with a screen during warmer weather. Other types of storm doors have a screen that can be rolled up or down to be used efficiently.

Are Storm Doors Necessary?

So, what is the main purpose of a storm door? They provide a layer of insulation that's especially needed in areas that experience very hot or frigid temperatures throughout the year. A storm door keeps air from escaping your home and protects your front or back door from exposure to the elements year-round. They offer several benefits that range from cost savings to added security.

The Pros of Installing a Storm Door

Many people think that when it comes to storm doors vs. exterior doors, you only need one, but that's not the case at all. Look at some of the biggest reasons to invest in a storm door for your North Texas home.

More Natural Light

A storm door is built with a glass panel that allows natural light to pour into your interior space. On sunny days, the exterior door can stay open while the storm door keeps your home well-insulated—the result: a sunny foyer that's still safe and well-insulated.

More Fresh Air

Similarly, your storm door lets fresh air into your home on breezy days. Simply swap the glass panel for a screen panel or roll down the screen to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of a spring day. Best of all, you can listen to the rain without worrying about the interior of your home getting wet.

Energy Savings

So, "What is the point of a storm door?" Better energy savings are at the top of the list. An exterior door is designed to insulate your home and keep it at a comfortable temperature year-round. Even the best exterior doors can allow air to seep into your home, making your HVAC system work overtime on particularly hot or cold days. A storm door creates another layer of insulation, which, in turn, drives down energy costs each month.

Added Security

Storm doors are equipped with locks that can only be operated from the inside (or with a key.) This adds a layer of protection for your family and the people you love most. Together, your storm and exterior doors will keep your family safe and unwanted guests outside where they belong.

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At Pella Windows & Doors, we often ask, "Do I need a storm door?" Although the answer is up to your personal preferences, we always recommend installing one. The added layer of protection, comfort, and energy savings is well worth the added cost. If you have questions about storm doors or you'd like to have one installed on the exterior of your home, call today: (682) 223-5610. Let's book a free consultation to discuss your options!

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