Common Window & Door Replacement Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Four Mistakes Homeowners Make When Doing Window And Door Replacement

So you have decided to take the plunge and replace your home’s windows and doors. Congratulations! You’re about to add significant value to your home, and improve your quality of life — provided you don’t make these four crucial mistakes. Pella Windows and Doors of Dallas/Fort Worth knows a thing or two about replacements in this industry. Here are four mistakes we have noticed over the years.

Four Common Homeowner Window & Door Replacement Mistakes


Not Hiring a Professional

Window and door replacement isn’t something you can DIY. It’s a fairly involved process that requires permits and multiple weeks' worth of work. That’s why we always recommend that you work with a professional window and door replacement company like Pella Windows and Doors, who can install your new replacement hardware in as little as one day.


Not Getting Multiple Quotes

Don’t simply jump on the first contractor who makes you an offer. We recommend you shop around with different window and door replacement companies in the Dallas area. Failure to do so might cost you extra if your first offer is too high. And if you want to work with the best in the business, get in touch with Pella Windows and Doors today, and ask about our windows and doors replacement services.


Not Checking References

Another mistake is not checking references. It’s important that you work with the best in window and door replacement, and you find a company that has a proven track record of excellence. The last thing you want is a botched window and door replacement job.


Not Getting a Warranty

Finally, another mistake that homeowners make is not getting a warranty. You want to make sure that the work that is being done is covered in case something goes wrong. Additionally, a warranty is also a promise from the installer that they stand by their work, and are willing to make things right should a mistake occur. You can Contact Us for any questions.

Don‘t make these four critical errors when you pull the trigger on replacing your windows and doors. Work with Pella Windows and Doors of Dallas/Fort Worth today.

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