Front Door Replacement: What You Need to Know

A new front door can be exciting for homeowners! It represents an increase in the value of your home; new front doors look nice from the curb; and they help keep heat in and cold out. There are, however, a few things you should know about new front doors from Pella Windows and Doors of Central Iowa. Read on to learn more, or get in touch with us today!

Getting a New Front Door Is a Great Idea.jpg

Getting a New Front Door Is a Great Idea

There are a number of reasons a new front door is a great idea. For one, a new front door makes your home look more appealing from the curb, something realtors call “curb appeal.” The higher the curb appeal, the higher the value of your home. A new front door also improves your home’s security.

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Working With Pros is Crucial

When you install a new front door, you need to work with a professional, such as Pella Windows and Doors of Central Iowa. This is because installing a new front door yourself is an incredibly involved process that, when done without care, can take multiple days, and STILL leave your home vulnerable to the elements or intruders. Imagine taking your door off its hinges and not having a new one in-place later that night!

Material Choice is Important.jpg

Material Choice is Important…

Material choice is crucial when getting a new front door. Not only do you want a material that’s going to match your home’s exterior painting and styles, but you should also choose a material that can withstand midwestern weather conditions. Snow, hail, rain, and extreme winds are all realities we face in Iowa; that’s why you need tougher-than-nails doors from Pella Windows and Doors.

So is Safety and Functionality.jpg

…So is Safety and Functionality

Safety is your number one priority, and that includes staying safe in your home. Choose doors that are strong enough to hold up against intruders, and doors that have sophisticated locking mechanisms that are intrusion-resistant.

Getting new doors is exciting, but there’s a lot to know! Get in touch with Pella Windows and Doors of Central Iowa today and learn more about how a new front door can improve your home and the quality of your life.

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