How Do Replacement Doors & Windows Increase Your Home's Value?

Top Four Upgrades to Your Home's Windows and Doors That Drive Value

There are a few key upgrades you can make to your home that drive its resale value up, but few are as impactful as updating your home’s windows and doors. Pella Windows and Doors of Dallas/Fort Worth recommends the following upgrades to your Dallas home. And if you have additional questions, request a consultation from us today.


Insulated Windows

Adding insulated windows is a great way to improve energy efficiency in your home or office. That’s because a significant amount of energy escapes out of your home via thinly insulated windows and doors. When you install advanced windows and doors from Pella Windows and Doors, you might even qualify for a federal income tax credit courtesy of Energy Star.


New Frames

New frames go a long way towards sealing and insulating your home against energy leaks and driving your home’s value upward. New frames give your home classy curbside appeal and do double duty in preventing any heat from leaking out of your home.


Gas Fillers and Spacers

Your windows and doors have gas fillers between each pane that trap heat and thermal energy and prevent it from escaping. Gas fillers are a fantastic way to improve your home’s value, as new buyers will enjoy the long lifespan of gas fillers and spacers, as well as energy savings. Gas fillers have a long lifespan of over 20 years, and so long as 80% of the gas remains at that time, you can expect to be Energy Star compliant.


A New Set of Windows and Doors From Pella

Pella Windows and Doors are built tough enough to handle cold winters or scorching summers, and all the wind you can throw at them. New windows and doors drive significant value, according to CNBC — as much as 73% return on investment.

Get new windows and doors from Pella Windows and Doors today, and enjoy a more comfortable home, more cash in your pocket, and a home that’s primed for maximum resale value. Request a consultation from our team today!

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