Why Are They Called French Doors?

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Why are they called French Doors?

Everyone knows what they look like, but what are French doors? and why are French doors called "French doors?" As the name suggests, they were first designed in France during the Renaissance period. Although most styles fizzle out after a few years, French doors have stood the test. For over 300 years, they've been a stylish and practical choice for homes worldwide. Let's look at their rich history and what makes them so special.

The Origin Of French Doors

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The French doors were nearly 300 years ago. During the Renaissance period in France, architecture was all about proportions, symmetry, pillars, and domes. First, architects designed French windows, and you may be asking, "What are French windows?" They're made with square panes of glass like French doors, but the windows are smaller, and they don't open to allow fresh air inside. Then, sometime between the 16th and 17th centuries, French Doors were born. These single, double, or center-hinged doors could open outward and were fashioned with square glass panels from top to bottom. Originally, they were made from wood and wrought iron. Today, French doors are made from aluminum, vinyl, steel, or fiberglass.

What do French doors look like? They are usually installed as double doors that open outward into your patio. The square glass panes cover the entire door so that sunlight can pour into the interior of your home. On warm, breezy days, French doors can swing open, effectively blurring the lines between your interior living space and your outdoor patio so that fresh air can enter your home while creating a bigger area to gather with friends and family.

This unique design allowed natural light to permeate the home and created a way to let fresh air inside on hot days. Since electricity was not even a thought at this point, French doors were both practical and stylish. The trend quickly spread throughout France, and after about 100 years, homes in England began sporting French doors. Today, they can be found in old and new homes worldwide.

Why Do French Doors Remain Popular Today?

French doors were originally designed for homes that didn't have electric lighting options or HVAC systems, which meant that your home had to work around what light and air the weather could provide. Today, we can control the climate and lighting inside our homes with ease, but French doors remain a popular choice. That's because they add elegance and timeless beauty to your home, and natural light will always be in style.

Today's French doors are built with durability and energy efficiency in mind. The glass panels are designed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while keeping your energy bills low. Many homeowners opt for patio French doors that open to reveal your patio and backyard space. This creates a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living space, making entertaining a breeze.

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