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Windows with Built in Blinds: Between-the-Glass Blinds

Functional and decorative, blinds breathe new life into your rooms. However, blinds can sometimes be challenging to clean and maintain. Or, you may find yourself pulling too hard, ending up with a lopsided effect. Windows with built-in blinds simplify home maintenance and maximize functionality. They are a modern alternative to conventional blinds. They offer a convenient way to control the light and privacy you want for your spaces. That's why experts at Pella Windows & Doors of DFW encourage homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, to invest in between-the-glass blinds.

We offer innovative windows with built-in blinds that not only deliver quality and satisfaction but also complement your home's style.

What are Built-In Blinds?

Built-in blinds are located in between two panes of glass. Therefore, they sit inside the window rather than as separate treatments over the frame. For regular window treatments, you'll have the blinds hanging behind your window or door. However, windows with integrated blinds save homeowners from installing separate window coverings. Instead, you'll enjoy the convenience of having blinds built into your windows. This makes them a hassle-free product that delivers the same functionality as traditional blinds.

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How Are the Blinds Controlled?

Despite being tucked between panes of glass, built-in blinds are pretty easy to operate. You can choose from either manually controlled or motorized systems. Motorized built-in blinds are manipulated by either a remote or a smartphone app. On the other hand, manually controlled built-in blinds are cordless and are controlled with a magnetic slider that runs along the side.

The slider switch controls the tilt, raise, and lower functions of the blinds. Therefore, you can operate these blinds by sliding the control up and down. The window shades open when the slider is raised to the top of the track and close when you move the switch to the bottom. You can leave the switch somewhere in the middle to open the blinds partially. Pella Window & Doors is no stranger to these popular styles of blinds. Check our inventory to see what manufacturers and colors we have in stock!

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Advantages of Built-in Blinds

Windows with built-in blinds are the perfect addition when you're looking for a unique, minimalist twist to regular blinds. Here are the benefits of installing built-in blinds in your home:

Reduced maintenance and cleanliness

Dusting and cleaning blinds can be a tedious job. Therefore, installing windows with built-in blinds can help end that hassle for you. Pre-integrated blinds are usually concealed between the glass, thus not exposed to your home's everyday dust and grime. You won't have to worry about regularly cleaning or maintaining your blinds.

Operation Without Cords

Traditional blinds with cords can be incredibly unsafe for families with young children and pets. Your pets may get tangled up in the line and pose a risk of strangulation to your children. Therefore, windows with built-in blinds can not only function as a stylish approach but also give extra safety to your family members. They are absolutely cordless and equipped with modern opening and closing techniques. This gives you peace of mind when your children are at home.

Protection from damage

After installing built-in blinds, you won't have to worry about damage. The glass protects the blinds from damage and normal wear and tear, reducing the risk of breakage. They always remain in place and usually last longer, saving you the time and hassle of repeatedly replacing them.

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See the Difference Windows with Built-in Blinds Can Make in Your Home Toda

Intelligently built into your windows, between-the-glass blinds can significantly transform your home. They not only give your home a modern look but also deliver effortless functionalities. At Pella Windows & Doors, we are a well-established provider of high-quality windows with a wide array of options for built-in blinds in DFW, Plano, Frisco, and the North Texas Area.

Our innovative built-in blinds look the best, perform the best, and seamlessly integrate with your home décor. Let us help you modernize your rooms with customized built-in blinds. Contact us today to book a free consultation.