Weather the Storm: How Pella Windows and Doors Hold Up in Extreme Conditions

How Pella Windows and Doors Stand Up to Harsh Outdoor Weather

When we choose our dream home, sometimes we get nightmare windows and doors. They might not keep the cold and rain out, or be able to keep the heat in, but they certainly keep your wallet empty.

Pella Windows and Doors of Dallas/Fort Worth knows how important it is to have tougher-than-nails windows and doors, which is why we’ll help you put together your dream home, glass panes and all. Request a consultation and Get Started Today.


They’re Tailored to Texas Weather

Texas is no stranger to inclement weather. When you work with Pella Windows and Doors to find the right hardware for your home, you can rest assured that our window installation experts know exactly what you need to stand up to Texan weather — because we’re locals, too!


Strong Seals Keep Moisture Out

Window installation experts will tell you that the seal on your window is crucial in standing up to the weather. A good seal between your home and your frames means that there are fewer ways for moisture to enter your home, and fewer ways for heat to escape.


Insulation Keeps Heat In

On the subject of heat, insulating your home’s windows and doors by working with Pella Windows and Doors is a great way to stay cozy during a harsh midwest winter. Insulated windows and doors are comprised of newer materials and technologies that do a better job of insulating than your old windows.


Upgrades Drive Safety — And Value

When you upgrade your home’s windows and doors with Pella Windows and Doors, you can generally expect the value of your home to shoot up. According to CNBC, homeowners see a return on investment as high as 73% when they install new windows and doors.

Rain or shine, Pella Windows and Doors has the perfect windows for your home. Contact us today for a free consulation!

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